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Default Durangle Durangle - Cuica

Hello Hello!

Its been a while since I posted around these parts. I had a catastrophic hard drive crash and lost EVERYTHING. All four albums I'd been working on. Thankfully, my approach has for a while now been one of pure learning and not about the end results. I gave up on end results cos I rarely ever finish anything!

I took a little time off and started some new work.

This is a work in progress, but I think I've made more progress, quicker, in this track than I was with anything I did previously. Thinking about adding piano and chimes/vibes to this.

Tldr: Can anyone hear any obvious problems with this mix? Is there too much bass? Are any of the edits really obvious? Has my drum programming got any obvious flaws?

Critical feedback always welcomed


Thanks! Hope everyone who reads this is well and happy!

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