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Default MARIO - WIP Song - Need you ears and advice

MARIO - WIP - Need you ears and advice

Mixing this song was a challenge. It has some 'unconventional' instruments (tabla, tanpura, and digeridoo), has some 'urban sounds' (downtown street noises and dogs barking), and, as usual some 'spoken words (this something I do...).

It's not a great song, but it tells a great story. It's about a very wise homeless man, and Rainbow brother, who was living in the streets of Montreal, Canada. He got into a jam because the police took his dogs. This song is a tribute to his spirit and determination to find justice in the world.

Anyway, please let me know if anything sticks out and need addressing. I don't have good monitors and don't have a treated room, so any feedback would be appreciated.

Here is the link:


Note: I haven't 'mastered' the song. It is simple the best mix I could do at this moment. If anyone wants to master this song?
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Ok. I was told it was muddy and nasal...

So I downloaded the VST plugin ISOL8 de Tdpro/Audio and referenced my song with Brian Adams, Peter Gabriel, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemian, Tom Petty, et Jean Leloup.

I always had too much at 120 et 350 hz and not enough at 2, 5, et 10 K. I didn't remix, but did a mastering avec TDRproNova. I got this:


The song is now comparable to the 'average' of the reference songs.

How is it on your end?

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I'm listening on regular speakers and the 2nd version sounds a lot clearer (better).
I don't have active monitors atm so I can't give a "detailed" comment.
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Mix #2 definitely got better with the low-end changes you made. It was noticeable right off the bat with the guitar (classical? acoustic?) - but you could also hear it on the vocals too.

A lot of creativity and complexity in here! Enjoyed this quite a bit. Moving piece..
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I understand why people like the 2nd mix better, but there are things I like about the first mix also. The first one is smoother, but the 2nd one is more spacious and airy sounding, brighter. The first one sounds slightly darker but cleaner in my opinion.
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