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Default Difficult to grab right edge of left item on short crossfade

Hi Devs

This has been around for ages, and is still present in v6.0 (I haven't actually updated to 6.02 yet, but haven't seen anything in Changelog to suggest it's been addressed)

If you have two items in the Arrange Window, overlapped with a short crossfade (in my workflow, typically 40ms) and are zoomed out at what I consider a "normal" working view for speech editing, it is really hard to move the right edge of the left hand item with the mouse.

It is easy to put the mouse pointer over the correct place to grab the fade-in and edge of the right hand item, and also easy to grab the fade-out of the left hand item.

But the number of pixels on which you can grab the right edge of the left hand item is very small (smaller than for the edge of the right hand item). If you zoom out, then it becomes possible to grab it correctly.

I feel like it should be equally easy to grab the edge of either clip, for any given zoom level.

If you can address this, I'd be very happy indeed :-)

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