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Default Bug in ReaVerb or in Track routing: channel drops (FIXED)

Strange one... reaverb on a track, seems to need a long impulse to reveal this (not sure if that's just because it's inaudible otherwise).

Demo project (with audio): http://lacinato.com/pub/reaverb_bug_demo.zip

When sending a loud bassy signal (e.g. happened for a kick but not a snare?) to reaverb, occasionally the reverb coming out of it drops off incorrectly in one channel but not the other. This is also depending on when the play cursor is before pressing play.

In the screenshot below, you can see how the meter in the reaverb channel drops precipitously soon after. (This is not due to the impulse: happens for any long impulse, and is incorrect and audible.)

Further adding to the strangeness is that the source track sending the audio has to be low (e.g. -9); if it's at unity, this didn't happen. I don't know if this is some issue with routing or reaverb, but seems like reaverb.

...that's a clean portable install of Reaper 4.721, audio card selected, license imported. To reproduce: make a track, instantiate reaverb, choose the impulse (i think i also reduced "dry" to zero and set "wet" to unity, and maybe unchecked "reduce impulse by 18"). Make another track, import a sample, set that track to ~-9dBFS. Press play, and experiment with making the cursor start at varying different spots before the clip.

I don't think it's a buffering issue: it doesn't happen if you click right in front of the clip. Then there is a region where it does, then it doesn't, then it does again, etc, but it seems consistent for a given length before the clip.

Windows 8.1, i7 4770K, modern drives, etc.

Can anyone reproduce?

edit: there are also little bugs in reaverb where choosing a different impulse file sometimes results in the verb playing out of sync with the incoming audio; i.e. delayed by 500ms or so. Stop/start gets it back in sync. Don't know if this is related.
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