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Default Setting up Ninjam Server on Linux.


I would like to set up a private Ninjam server on my Linux system, however I am not seeing many directions on how exactly to get up and running on Linux, unless I am missing something.

I followed these instructions below and was able to customize the .cfg file to allow no anonymous user but am stuck as to how actually start the server? I have two computers next to each other, one is a Linux system so I can test with a totally separate Windows system if I can just figure out how to actually start the NJ server in Linux. As a novice Linux user I don't know much about the terminal but can get it done with step-by-step guidance from this point. Any thoughts on where to go after this?

Linux: download server source via git and compile. For Debian/Ubuntu, eg:
sudo apt-get install git-core build-essential
git clone ./ninjam
cd ninjam/ninjam/server
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Hey there and congrats on getting this far. Yer almost there actually.
When you ran the make command you probably saw all the compiler messages. When you looke near the end of all of that text if you don't see any errors the next step is to look for the binary file that was created. That's going to be called cninjam and will have an asterisk symbol '*' to indicate that it's an exicutable file.
What I did was to copy the example.cfg file to another configuration file so I could play with the copy and thus have a backup in case I broke it. I did so like this:None of this requires sudo.
cp example.cfg jammer.cfg
Now we have two .cfg files.
So configure the one you want to use and when you're ready you can start the server like this:
./cninjamsrv jammer.cfg
To stop the server at any time just hit ctrl+c
And that's pretty much it.
If you don't mind it being private you can test it with your windows machine, if you want to make it easier for your jamming partners though, you'll have to forward a port on your router if your're behind one so they can connect remotely.
Of course there's always the lan party option, which me and a few friends did once and that was fun too.
Anyway, hope that helps...
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Hi hppy420! (Great username btw)
I reinstalled Ninjam from the terminal and did not see any error messages, however I am not finding this elusive cninjam file you speak of. A search of the entire file system has yielded no results. Everything else is there, I copied the example.cfg file and tweaked it to my desired settings,however when I try to run it it says No Such File Or Directory. I am guessing that this cninjam file did not get created correctly?
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Human being with feelings
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Okay I lied, I had a letter wrong when trying to access the CFG file, but now that I typed in the correct filename it says Permission Denied instead of No Such File Or Directory.
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