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Default Rearoute & Winamp Stuttering

Currently using Winamp with the Otachan ASIO output plugin sending to Rearoute's input. Signal is correctly being made available inside a rather empty Reaper project. I then output to my soundcard using ASIO (from within Reaper of course). Problem is that everytime i hit winamp's pause button or move the track position slider or stop, i get severe stuttering(Like having the last played phrase repeated many times). The lower my soundcard's latency is, the fastest the stuttering sounds. This is somewhat "fixed" if i change my soundcard's ASIO latency to 150-200ms. Such high latency is obviously very ridiculous! So, to make thinks more clear, imagine that the last singer's word, before i hit the pause button is "animal". Having my soundcard at 20ms latency, i get the sound "mal-mal-mal-mal-mal-mal-mal-mal" really fast. Having my soundcard at 100ms latency, i get the sound "nimal-nimal-nimal" at a much lower speed. I've run several tests and I have no idea what's the reason. DPC Latency checker gives me no error and my CPU usage even during the stuttering is very low. Apart from that, i get no pops and clicks, unless i have my soundcard's latency reeallly low(definitely much less than 10ms).

On the other hand, if i use foobar ASIO, things are OK. At 10ms latency (or even less!!) i get no stuttering. Unfortunately, it's really important for me to use Winamp and on my specific case, Foobar wouldn't be a solution!

Some more info on my setup;
Processor : Intel Pentium M 1.86GHz
Motherboard: MSI 9625 915GM Speedster Motherboard
Soundcard : Auzentech X-Meridian (cmedia 8788 chipset)

Rearoute concept is extremely brilliant and i hope you can help me utilize it. I'm open to any suggestions!
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