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hey man
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Default Newier! wifight.prc 0.28 ! It's like 0.27 but with even more bugfixes and improvement

Act now! Download wifight.prc version 0.28 today! Play multiplayer online games on your Treo or Centro in style.

Changes include
upped number of reminder turn alert beeps to 5 (a total of 6 beeps over 2 minutes)
added instant selection mode (for future games to enable)
added 'Loading...' popup during initial chat history load
restored old behavior of putting game name in title of game screen
fixed a (rare) reboot bug if a chat message showed up at just the wrong time. oops.
added "SPECTATING/PLAYER" indicator in Games Archive
fixed buggy "You're already playing" alert OK response
fixed chat list paint bug
made chat screen onlineness indicator more subtle
unified list gadget dimensions in all screens
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