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Default Brand-new version of wifight released - 0.29 with lots of sexy new features

That's right, wifight! (the online game service for PalmOS). Client version 0.29 to be precise. With a bunch of lovely new features, like an online player roster feature. See who else is online! Now with more of the User Guide available, including the sections for each game (Chess, Checkers, and Dots & Boxes.) Lots of little UI improvements too.

Get it at the usual place:

Install it today! See you in the chatroom!

Here's the full changelog:
player list! with little Online indicator even
game browser remembers which game you most recently tapped on and returns you there
game browser remembers which game you most recently selected on refresh and keeps it visible
added 'Browse Games Archive' to gamescreen menu
fixed bug where newgame form could pop up over itself after game creation error
made draw offers cause game to show New and sort to top like a regular new turn
update progress screen shows titles of games being updated
tweaked games archive button locations (tightened up spacing)
added Chat button to the create login successful "where to?" popup
added Browse Games Archive/Player Roster menu items to Chatscreen
added About wifight option to chat screen menu
made New Game screen remember last used opponent name
changed colors for New and Your Turn indicators
Quit options now named Resign once grace period (currently 3 turns) ends
gamescreen disables sleep mode during turn playback
fixed small memory leak in game browser
updated help files
renamed "Help: topic" menu items to "User Guide: topic"
added Chess, Checkers, and Boxes user guide pages (look in game screen menu)
fixed bug re deleting a game then going to it with the Recent button
other misc bug fixes
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