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Human being with feelings
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Default checker bot?

Is there a checker bot?
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Human being with feelings
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Nope - the only game with a computer opponent is chess at this point. I
dont think Brennan has any plans for the other games in the short-term, but Im
sure its on some list of his somewhere

but a very powerful checkers game you can play on your Palm, and which is
free, can be got from here:


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hey man
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Not yet but that would be pretty cool. I found a free bot (Cake) but the author has this to say about it: "Cake 1.8 is one of the world's most powerful checkers engines for the PC platform, and plays stronger than any human. It is quite frustrating to play against it, but it is a great tool for analysis." So that could be... fun

edit: oops hadn't noticed trgeoff's reply. So yeah chess is the only one for now. And yes more bots are in the long-term plans as well.
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