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hey man
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Default please help test! wifight client 1.04t

wifight is an online multiplayer game service that lets you play Chess, Checkers, Reversi, and lots more with a slick installable client for Palm and PC. Check it out at !

New client build 1.04t now posted to Lots of UI tweaks and polish. Especially a new font for game names on the game list. Let me know what you think of that one. I wasn't 100% sure I liked it at first but it's been growing on me.

Here's what's new:
        palm: fixed rare crash bug in progress popup
        all: inverted text on hilited item for game browser too
        all: "Delete game" option in gamescreen menu for completed games (instead of "Resign game")
        win32: enabled keyboard shortcuts in menus like palm has
        all: new big font for game titles in game room screen
        win32: window stays centered over old position when double-size is toggled
        all: moved "PLAYER/SPECTATING" indicator in games archive list to the lower right
        all: fixed game details popup bgcolor not matching color theme bgcolor
        palm: fixed GPRS log in popup coming up before progress popup paints
Have fun
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up here in my tree
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Both Palm and Windows versions look good here. Even the winclient in doublesize mode is good, though the game icons are still funkity when you toggle doublesize mode.
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