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Default Everyday Lies (mix in progress)

My drummer, Tom Galella, tracked his drums at a friend, Emiko's, studio. Jamie Hamburg was the engineer.

Everything else is done at my home studio in Reaper. My daughter is recording some backing vocals (while away at college in Humboldt...dude!). Love me them internets.


Everyday Lies
Copyright © 2008 - Matthew Moran

I drove by your house today
Unintentional, I lost my way
I shouldn't be surprised to see his car

He always told me you were wrong for me
But you're just right for him it seems
Guess that explains why he missed last night's show

I don't feel hurt and I don't place blame
Don't hold you responsible for my shame
And I don't rage and I don't cry
These are my everyday lies

So I drove down to that old laundromat
The day we moved you vowed you'd never go back
That must be why it feels so safe

It's not like I planned this whole thing through
Not like I'm avoiding you
Not like I don't know what I'd say.. cuz I'd say

We both play it easy with the truth
You said you didn't want to hurt me
And I don't want to see you cry.. so I oblige
With my everyday lies
Matthew Moran
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