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Default Trying to set length/loop-point to a midi item


I'm working on a plugin to copy a midi item from one track to another, and I'm stuck trying to set the "internal length" of a midi item, so that it loops when the whole item is extended in the arrangement. It seems I can read the length with PCM_Source_GetSectionInfo(), but how do I set it to the new midi item?

I'm working with PCM_source_transfer_t and midi_realtime_write_struct_t items, but these doesn't seem to take the internal length. I found that PCM_Source::Extended can take a command, PCM_SOURCE_EXT_TRIMITEM, that takes an array with a length value, but it doesn't seem to solve my problem (what is param1=lrflag anyway?).

Does anyone know how to set this internal length of a midi take, preferably w/o going the GetSetTrackState() way?
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