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Default True Stereo Convolution Reverb

In "Tips and Tricks" we discussed this, and it is perfectly doable and decently usable by defining two ReaVerbs in a Stereo track and setting the appropriate routing and automation.

But IMHO, an easy to use, true stereo (or multi-channel) version of the ReaVerb VST that features two (or more) internal chains (= stereo convolution engines: one for each input "pin"), and each allows for loading e.g. "left" and "right" impulse files (plus the built-in modules), featuring a common "wet" slider would be a very welcome enhancement of the product.


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It's easier to just use a pair of tracks for me. Less fussing around...

And what about using quad (surround) impulse files? It would be nice to do that with a single instance too.
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How can I vote for this?

OK. Found it here...

For those looking for how to set it up now using 2 ReaVerb plugs as mschnell mentioned, check here...

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