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Default Preset Manager project - seeking help

Hello everyone,

I have an idea that would for building a preset manager and putting together large session templates. As you know, there's sadly not yet a dedicated solution that would allow for reaper to manage a large library of presets.

Reaper nowadays has the awesome capability of reading metadata tags from audio files. So my idea of a preset manager workflow would go like this:
1. Instead of using reaper presets, I create a track template for each of the vsti presets in my library and a corresponding audio preview.
2. the media explorer can search metadata tags in my library of presets' audio previews.
3. I bring all the audio previews I want into the session
4. I trigger a script that searches for the track templates which's names match the audio previews in the session
5. the script imports the matching track templates into the session

Basically, the trick is in matching the names of audio previews with the names of corresponding track templates, and then importing those into the session. So the script really would only need the following three actions:
- read names of samples selected in the session (audio previews)
- search track templates for matching file names
- import found track templates

Would anyone be willing to help me work this script out? I'm not very familiar with the Reaper API and am a very beginner coder. I am willing to invest a little bit of money into the hours dedicated to building this thing, if needed.

This would make for a light-weight substitute to a full-fledged preset manager like NI's komplete kontrol.

Speaking of komplete kontrol, I don't find it a very suitable option as a main preset manager for the following reasons:
1. KK doesn't expose the current preset's name to the host, which means that it's not possible to rename tracks with X-Raym's "rename tracks according to vsti preset name". This makes it a pain to build a tidy session template with kk.
2. It's not possible to load KK's presets into the session in batch, which makes it very clumsy when it comes to building templates with it.
3. KK's very memory and cpu hungry, which makes it penalizing to use as a main driver in large sessions.

Its great advantage, though, is that KK already benefits from a community of users & vendors that built a large collection of presets with audio previews and search tags.
Theoretically, it would be possible to use KK's tags and search them from the media explorer - this would bridge the ecosystem with reaper's metadata functionality, and make it a breeze to integrate into a composer's workflow.

However, there's a hitch: KK's tags are not stored in the audio previews' metadata. They're stored in the preset files, which means that in order to use kk's tags, they have to be extracted and added to the audio previews metadata.
That's another script to build, and it requires knowledge of the preset file format. I'm trying to get in touch with some members of the kk community who have built parsers for the file format, atm.

Please let me know what you all think.
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