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Default Working remotely with Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Hi guys, so here's my simple scenario - I can't get to my studio tonight, but I'm mostly doing editing work so realtime ears aren't a requirement. So, I figured I could just use Chrome to remote desktop in and work from home.

Problem is, I'm not getting the audio through. I can hear other software like Google Chrome browser or VLC, but not the audio output from the DAW.

I'm reasonably sure it's because of my interface - I'm using an Audient ID14.

- Is anyone else using remote desktop with this or a similar configuration successfully?

- Has anyone got any advice on how this could be done?

- I've never used ReaMote or NINJAM, but from a high level view these look like they could help, is this true?

- I *could* just send myself the whole project and use Reaper locally, which is a last resort, but it's a pretty hefty project and I'd rather keep it all in one place if the above is possible.

Any advice on working remotely from your main machine or VPN would be hugely appreciated!
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big suggestion...

get Anydesk... anydesk.com

you can hear the audio IF you set the driver to a non asio while you do the remote session...
so if you can work with the latency of a non asio driver during the remote session you can hear it fine... there will be some added latency due to the remote internet connection but it's not terrible...
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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Mate - you're a genius! I didn't need to get Anydesk in the end, I switched the audio out from ASIO to DirectSound and it works. It sounds like arse, but it works. Which is all I needed

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