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Default Autoload user scripts from <REAPER FOLDER>/Scripts to Action list


would be really nice if I place a script in <Reaper Resource Path>/Scripts - those are autoloaded to Actions' list in menu. Currently only the scripts loaded by hand previously are placed there.

I want to write an installer that puts a helper script to the Scripts directory and user does not need to care, from where to search it. (It is especially uncomfortable on Windows since AppData/Roaming/REAPER - the usual place on Windows 10 at least - is not straightforward to find for user.

The strange thing I did not understand - how is lyrics.lua from Reaper is added to the list? If I deleted it from AppData/Roaming/REAPER/Cockos - it still appeard, so I thought it is taken from system folder. If I placed some other scripts next to it in ProgramFiles/Reaper/Scripts/Cockos, these were not added (also not from AppData). How is it programmed? Hardcoded?

Thanks for all the development!
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+1. Nice FR!
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Make a thread "F%#! you Reaper! I quit!" to get more views and feedback since these kind of threads get much more traction
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What are you installing? ReaPack can do some of that for you, and an installer script can register new scripts in the action list.
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lyrics.lua is hardcoded and added automatically.

I would prefer the possibility to add an myscripts.ReaperScriptsZip file, just like .ReaperConfigZip-files, who contain the configuration for a Reaper-installation.
This ReaperScriptsZip-file would contain all scripts, including all subfolders and would be selectable in the Load-scripts-dialog of the action-list.
I would need to add a file to this zip, which tells Reaper, which script shall be registered automatically(you don't need to register helper-functions-lua-files, when they aren't run as an action by the main-script).

That way, one could import whole script-packs like Lokasenna's Gui-Lib using a zip-file in the Actions-Menu-Load-dialog.

Regarding your own idea:
Automatic registering of all scripts in Scripts-Folder might be a problem, as you would need to tell Reaper, if you also want to add lua-scripts in subfolders.

In addition to that, scripters would need to take care of, what happens, if scripts, not meant to be run by users(helper-function-lua-files for example), are now registered and are run by users by accident.
Never underestimate a user's ability to do the wrong things(myself included).

And the last thing: it would fill your action-list with actions completely useless to you and pollute the actionlist with useless entries, which would be bad for casual users or those, who aren't deep into Reaper.
Even filtering wouldn't help in some of these cases and I prefer my ActionList to be cleaned up, only containing actions that are useful to me.
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