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Default Weirdest Kontrol S88 MK1 issue - transport buttons and piano keys have swapped!

Hi everyone - I'm setting up a new PC workstation and have encountered the weirdest issue with my Komplete Kontrol S88 MK1 keyboard. I'm using the latest version of Reaper on a brand new PC with Windows 10 installed.

In preferences I have enabled MIDI input for the option KOMPLETE KONTROL DAW - 1. When I play the piano keys no information is getting to my virtual instruments. However, other kinds of information is getting sent - if I go into "Edit" after playing a chromatic scale down the keyboard, all sorts of actions have taken place, such as markers being added, Changes to track record parameters, Changes to media item selections, and so on.

When I press the transport buttons, however, they are sending note information to the virtual instrument ("Loop" is triggering D6, "RWD" is G6, "FWD" is G#6, "Play" is A#6, "REC" is B6, and "Stop" is A6!).

So, it looks like the function buttons and the keyboard buttons have somehow got swapped around! Have any of you encountered this before and found a solution?

Many thanks.
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