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Default Re: ReaSurround - 32 speaker setup

There is a classic misunderstanding between programmers and composers concerning surround tools.

Programmers think they shall provide a general system giving access to all speakers. They design 2D or 3D tools and they try to imitate the geometry and behavior of a real hall.

Composers think they want to use all speakers wheareas what they usually need is some specific sound responses and specific trajectories.

I believe using 32 speakers is a very interesting idea, but I would not recommend trying to acceed all 32 speakers and all sources using the same Reasurround instance. I believe one Reasurround instance should represent a specific trajectory, or a specific speaker set. On the view, you organise speakers and source icons, as well as speaker influence, so you can move from a specific state or place to another. You don't care about real speaker placement.

On a track, you could use several Reasurround instances that you will activate depending on your needs (the "plug in pin connector" will help you route signals).

I had good results using Lemur as a remote.

I agree with Jean Marc on the fact that the tool can be much improved.

If you are looking for an all-in-one spatialisation tool, Reasurround is definitely not the right tool.

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In light of the new R5 activity I thought I'd put forward a fairly simple request for ReaSurround. I think it would be really useful if the user could save speaker layouts to be used in the drop down menu. The custom setup option is all fine and good but given the nature of ReaSurround it would be handy to be able to swap custom speaker outputs on a given set of input mappings as well as the standard ones supplied.

*edit - I'd also like the ability to dim/lock/hide the speaker icons for more speaker intensive layouts (like the 32 channel one described by jm duchenne) as things get a little busy and difficult to grab with that many individual items.
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