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Default No sound only in Reaper

After installing Reaper 5.963 Excelsior (x64) on Windows 10, I have no sound in Reaper. I have sound on the PC for all other programs. I tried opening several projects, as well as creating new ones with files that play fine with the default media player. None of these projects produced any sound. Projects, both large and small, which all played audio just fine in the past...NO LONGER PRODUCE ANY SOUND. As far as I know, the only thing that has changed is the most recent update.

The ASIO4all driver appears to not be working anymore. The Audient ID14 interface driver produces sound. But, I have to use ASIO4all to keep the recording latency down. The Audient drivers don't cut it. I tried all the usual tricks to no avail.

I am dead in the water until this issue is fixed or mitigated. I am even willing to consider a new interface with USB-C and super low latency drivers under $300 if needs be.

Is anyone else having this issue? Can we petition to get the Reaper SW devs to look at this closer?

EDIT: I finally figured it out. After installing the latest version of ASIO4all, and correcting the routing, I am able to hear sound again. It seems deliberate that I have to reroute everything on new and old projects. Grrr!

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Noticed when googling your interface that there DO seem to be some issues with Audients ASIO drivers, but just to be 100% sure, you ARE using their ASIO driver set in Reaper with the lowest latency setting you can, arent you?

Sorry if this sounds patronising but sometimes its easy to overlook the obvious.
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