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Default Enharmonics in Notation Score Editor

EDIT: Solved. The solution was there in Reaper (v5.9)! Right click on a note in the notation editor, for example a D# note, and then at the top of the pop up menu there is 'Accidental' and then its submenu shows all sorts of options for notating a D# as Eb and more!
I would love to see the ability to change default sharps and flats in the notation editor so that one could change a default C# to a Db enharmonic, for example. Other DAWs have this, at least Cubase 7 which I own and which is several years old. Should be a no-brainer to allow a user to change a note from sharp to flat to natural or double sharp or double flat, etc. Sibelius of course can do this from an exported XML from a DAW, but it would be nice to at least change a sharp or flat to its enharmonic within Reaper.
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Yes, I agree accidentals need some more work in the notation editor (among other things). I have "notate as sharp" and "notate as flat" assigned to keyboard shortcuts.
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