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Default Color of Reaper plugins - white not good...

Many of the plugins that come with Reaper are very good. They may not have an inpressive placebo GUI and therefore I'm sure many users think that they need to buy something with photoshopped knobs etc. Cool shadows etc etc

But the Reaper pllugins are actually very good and sometimes better than what you pay for as separat products / bundles etc.

There is ONE SINGLE THING that make them a luittle boring to work with and that is their color scheme. They are white and it puts demands on eyes. There are very tasteful and elegant dark themes for Reaper today and generally I must say it's good for the eyes and works verye well even when spedning 8-10 hours a day in front of Reaper.

But these all white plugins are really hard on my eyes. So I often chose other compressors etc instead. I recently did a comparison test between som rather expensive plugins and Reapers own plugins. There's no doubt that Reaper is just as good as and sometimes even better than things you pay a lot for.

So why not just make these great Reper plugins a little easier on the eyes and at LEAST make them with a dark background and light gray text. It would help just to reverse the black/white please.

Today, darker themes is more ir less an audio industry standard. SImply because it's easier on the eyes and users prefer this. So I think it doesn't even need to be a preference setting. Just make the plugins dark with light gray / white letters and it will be a HUGE improvement from what we have now.


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They simply don't have any UI. The OS controls the colors there AFAIK. You can use LBX stripper to make your own interfaces and even combine multiple in one UI.
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