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Default Item pitch envelope glitch noise elastique 3.2.7 pro


I have a recording of a coffee grinder as an item in my project, about 5 seconds long.
I activate the pitch envelope and insert one point at 0 semitones in the middle of the item and one point at -1 semitones at the end.
When I hit playback, exactly when the playhead passes the first envelope point and it starts pitching down, there is a short glitch noise which sounds like phasing. It's not too loud, but it's there.
The noise is present with all elastique 3.2.7 Pro pitch modes (including normal, preserve formants, midside and sync). When I switch to other modes (including elastique 3.2.7 efficient and soloist), the glitch noise disappears.

Using REAPER v5.965/x64 on Windows 10
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