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Default Any experience with Reaper on a 12" MacBook with 8GB ram?

I'm going to show my friend how to use Reaper on his 12" MacBook.
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The CPU's in macbook's 12 inch aren't that fast (low clock frequency).
i would say: Avoid the use of cpu intensive VSTi's in Reaper.
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Not familiar with exactly what's in the 12", but what year? My #2 MBP is a 13" 2009 (2.26GHz, Core 2 Duo, 8G RAM) and it does plenty. Not a stud but I do plenty on it (it's my main remote recording device) and regularly run through Reaper's features on it for people, as it's the laptop that goes in my daily bag. If I'm dealing with just a few tracks I can do nearly anything I want with them, obviously adding more tracks and intense plugins on all bogs it down.

If the 12"'s specs are like those you definitely can show Reaper off on it.
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Those 12" machines will perform more or less like a circa 2001 Powerbook but with a SSD and more ram. There's still a LOT you can do with audio with such a machine. The big modern instrument/sampler plugins or low latency live work would bring it to its knees pretty quickly though. That 2009 C2D machine is more powerful FYI.
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