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Default FR: Null character separator GetUserInputs ReaScript function


Currently, v5.965

retval, retvals_csv = reaper.GetUserInputs( title, num_inputs, captions_csv, retvals_csv )

will return all fields with comma separated values.

This work nicely with numbers (for eg, 15,10.1), but one of this field contains itself a comma (like for eg if one of your field is for keywords), it will mess everything.

The solution can be to escape the string right in the input fields with quotes, but user don't think of that (cause each input are an individual cells to his eyes).

If the separator was a way more uncommon string like a Null character \0 (just like in JS_ReaScript extension API functions), it would be way more easier to parse the return values, which could contains comma without causing issues with other fields.

Thanks !
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We need such thing for Ultraschall.fm,where we ask the user for mp3-metadata(cover, title, album,etc) and have to force the users to not input commas,which is bad UX for our users and cause of bugreports.
Ultraschall-API - a Lua-functions-library4Reaper: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread....98#post2067798
Reaper Internals - Developerdocs4Reaper: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=207635
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Obviously it would limit your UI choices, but my GUI has a replacement GetUserInputs dialog that returns an array.

+1 to the FR though, it's been requested a few times in a few different forms.
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