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Default Separate Window for custom automation lanes editing

"Separate Window for custom automation lane editing"

An additional, optional window, similar to the MIDI editor, where one can place exact links (1:1 representations) of the automation lanes, of choice and order, for quick editing.

When working on projects with many tracks, editing is easiest when subgroups of automation envelopes can be edited in pairs or groups [ex./ drums and bass first, then guitar and piano second, then additional instruments third, etc...) Currently, in order to play through the tracks and edit specific track envelopes in groups, one must either scroll through the tracks back-and-forth, and adjust each lane individually, remembering the general position of the other lanes, or, tracks on the TCP must be reordered to allow easier screen access to each envelope lane. Both of these methods are not conducive to fast workflow, and the later is actually destructive, especially when multiple layers of folders are utilized in the workflow.

Allowing a separate, customizable window that allows any element or track of the TCP to be placed in said window allows for users to create quick editing templates that can greatly increase productivity by allowing a non-destructive method to A/B edit lanes. Eliminating the need to change track sizes on the TCP, the need to re-order tracks, and possibly even eliminating the need to even display certain envelope tracks on the TCP frees up considerable screen space, and reduces the amount of scrolling or hot-key pressing to jump back and forth between tracks or lanes.

Using the current GUI structure, it may be as simple as implementing a new column in the Track Manager, or creating a new, separate "TRIM MANAGER," where all active envelope lanes are shown, and a check box given to activate which are brought in to the new "TRIM EDITOR WINDOW." Lanes can be rearranged, removed, and edited all from within the window. To add a new automation lane, the user should either be able to check a new box in the TRIM MANAGER, or drag and drop a lane from the TCP in to the TRIM EDITOR WINDOW.

I have searched the forums and read the manual looking for any current feature that may allow this style of editing, and can find neither integrated nor third-party solutions. If there is a simple, non-destructive method that allows easy editing between multiple envelope lanes without this additional feature request, I will be happy to hear about and utilize said method in to my workflow.
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