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Default Overriding a method..?


I'm just learning c++, so I hope my question is not ridiculous?
My dilemma is that I'd like to be able to programmatically override a method INSIDE a single class. Is this even possible?

Here is a pseudo-code example:
Class Processor {

	void SetUpProcessor(int choice) {
		if (choice == 0) {
			howToProcess = DoItThisWay();
		if (choice == 1) {
			howToProcess = DoItThatWay();

	double DoItThisWay(double input) {
		...blaa blaa

	double DoItThatWay(double input) {
		...blaa blaa

	double Process(double input) {
		return howToProcess(input);

Thanks for your patience
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Look into function pointers in C++.
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Originally Posted by gstuff View Post
Look into function pointers in C++.
Or just do the choice of processing function inside the audio processing function itself. I'd guess the performance overhead is about the same between using a function pointer or doing a branch. (At least if the compiler is able to inline the called functions...)
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