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Human being with feelings
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Default Cinder Creative Coding

Checking out creative coding library Cinder, and i've got to say i'm amazed. It touts some pretty incredible things, being able to do 2D and 3D graphics, audio, etc...

Wondering if anybody has any experience using Cinder with WDL-OL, or if its something that people are interested in. I've been messing with the demo projects and they look AMAZING.

I have only recently gotten my plugin to work using the incredible framework graciously provided by Youlean so I may be getting ahead of myself... but this is definitely something that has piqued my interest!
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Human being with feelings
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I've used Cinder for quick demos and testing of algorithms in the past. (Nothing plugin or IPlug related.) For instance, the sweeping audio and waveform display in this video is via Cinder:
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