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Default vocal trick....

heres an old trick i use for trying to improve vocals if say your a weak singer. or you have a client whose a weak singer.
1. record your vocal on a track.
2. while playing back the first vocal (with the rest of the song)..record another vocal (not harmony..same vocal...)
on another track in sync with first.
3. now duplicate the second vocal, and experiment with sliding this duplicate just a few milliseconds forward in time...
(start off about 5 ms...) in conjunction with a jesusonic effect like chorus or reverb or whatever.
the faster the song....make suire the plug in used is TIGHTER.
ie..you dont want a reverb with a huge delay...lol.
also try this...while keeping the plug in effect static (ie..without changeing any settings on it)...shift the duplicate a millisecond or two forward in time from the original 5 secs and hear the nuances going on.
4. put the fader of the duplicate track just under the actual recorded 2 tracks in level. also experiment with panning the
duplicate effected/shifted track to different locations in the stereo image other than the pan of the actual dry recorded tracks.
if you experiment enough...you should get some rather pleasant sounding sound pictures. on the plug in also experiment with various predelay/feedback settings.
for example..try this sometime.
place the original two dry vocal tracks all left panned. then do the duplicate plus shift plus fx trick and pan the result all right. and hear the result....

just an idea.
ps...you can also try the same idea on things like lead guitar breaks, voc harmonies stacked and many other types of tracks.
pps...another trick when first doing the vocal double...
record the second dry vocal in a different recording room than the first. cos each recording area has itys own sonic signature.

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