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Default vertical snapping in automation envelopes

It would be wonderful to have vertical snapping in automation envelopes! Ideally, one would be able to control the number of vertical divisions (horizontal lines) and then have an option to snap to them, the option to enable this being separate from the normal time-snapping.

I routinely find myself wanting to use automation envelopes to bend notes in a smooth fashion to land on a very specific value, automating such things as the master tuning control of a synth, the tuning of one oscillator, and so on. Without the option to snap vertically, this can be very tedious, sometimes requiring using a calculator and then manually entering the desired value. It would save lots of time and tedium to be able to snap. Currently, it is so tedious that I often hesitate to try many creative things that come to mind.

Just today, I was automating pitch changes like this in a synth whose master tuning control ranges from -12.5 semitones to +12.5 semitones. To perform vertical snapping in automation envelopes for note-bending in this synth would require being able to set the range of vertical values from -12.5 to 12.5 and then snapping to some increment, perhaps half a semitone. It would be nice to be able to set both the range and the snapping increment.

Other applications for such a feature might be such things as automating rate changes in an LFO, with increments set at values corresponding to time divisions. I've had occasion to want to smoothly change such a rate and have the rate land exactly on something like 16th notes, and then smoothly change to 32nd notes, and so on.

I am sure there are many other uses for such a feature that I am not imagining!

I would be incredibly grateful if such a feature would be added! I am sure many others would be glad for such a feature as well! It would make an already powerful DAW much more powerful!

It would be very nice to have the same feature in the CC lane in the MIDI editor as well!

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