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Default Accidentally converted project to subproject??

Hi there.

Been using Reaper for years, but I guess the hotkey functionality has gotten more robust because I brushed my hand across the keyboard and accidentally converted a 50-some track song into a sub-project. It is frustrating because it now automatically tries to render a mixdown both when I open the project, and when I attempt to track anything.

I don't use sub-projects and have no idea what they do, nor do I really care right now beyond trying to get my original project back. Anyone know if there's a quick and dirty fix?
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From what you say, it sounds as if you have concverted the whole project into a single sub project?

If so. you should be able to just open the subproejct and File, Save As to a new project, I would also choose create subdirectory and copy media options.

Not 100% sure but that should do it, I think, certainly will do no harm.
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