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Default Optimizing DualCore for low latency

Here´s what i found out, to gain low latency in Reaper on my Core2
The Soucrce Material Buff size must be lowered to 150ms
The FX renderahead size must be lowered 100ms
Set the number of threads to 2
Press Ctrl-alt-del and go to processes, rightclik on reaper at set the priority to realtime.
There are different windows optimisations you can do, but often you gain only a little of these, and many times nothing.

With these setting i run reaper @64 with no problems at all.
Your system may vary ofcause.

The amount of ram, is not that important when running audio only, but as soon as you run a sampler or something this is important.
And any modern HD is caple of running lot´s of tracks, in my experience.

Please post your experience in this thread.
And be aware that running an app in realtime slows other part of your system. So it may slow down thing in you system.
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