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Default Graphical QWERTY action/key command programmer


would be very practical to have a Karabiner Elements style View that could be used to program and keep an overview of key commands in Reaper.

When viewing a graphic display of a qwerty keyboard pops up and each key can then be programmed with a key command or action. Any non alphabetical key should be able to become a modifier. When a modifier key is pressed the view changes to show the key commands for that particular modifier group. This makes organising and grouping actions and key commands into logical 'pages'. And being able to view the key commands in real time via the graphic will help to learn and remember what is where.

When E-ink keyboard solutions become more standardised and commonplace this will negate the need to have a 3rd party software to communicate with it.

Although most of this can be done with a pencil and paper and the current method of creating keyboard shortcuts, I think this will be beneficial and superior in many regards. Leat of all as a real time overview to keep track of our shortcuts should the above mentioned paper get lost or the frailties of human memory catch up with us.
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