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Default key switches in Kontakt are lower than possible in Reaper piano roll

I'm lost. I am trying to put on the big boy pants and finally dig into deeper midi editing than just drawing velocities in a cc lane. I have been using an old Korg M1 for a keyboard and have a Nektar T6 coming early next week. In the mean time, I'm trying to understand how to get Reaper to detect Kontakt Player's keyswitches.

I can PLAY the keyswitches and they work in real time, but they are not detected if I write them in the piano roll of Reaper. Is there something I have to turn on in Reaper? Or is something not turned on in Kontakt? The samples play fine - I just can't get anything other than the volume and the notes themselves to record.

Also, I'm working with "Emotional Cello" in Kontakt Player. Some of the keyswitches occur at B-1 down to G#-1. My 88 key keyboard doesn't go that low. WTF?!? I can't find how to transpose the notes in Reaper down that far - they stop at C-1 and won't go lower. The notes I have recorded seem to correspond to the proper places on the keyboard, so I don't need to transpose them down or up. I don't know what to do.

Can anyone help with these problems?!?!
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OKAY! So I got the piano roll to work - Kontakt put the keyswitches an octave below where they show on Reaper - so yay!

For anyone with a similar problem, once you have that figured out, you may want to label the piano roll notes - open the piano roll, double right click each key that you have identified through Kontakt. Once you have labeled each key, go to File, click on Note/CC Names, click on Save Note/CC Names to File, title it and hit save. Now you can call this configuration out whenever you need it once the piano roll is open.
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Set the MIDI octave name offset to -1 in Reaper's Preferences->Media->MIDI. Reaper uses C4 by default for middle C, but Kontakt uses C3.

No need to use named notes for this.
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