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Default Where the H$%^ Did they Go..?

Hello..I just copied a hard drive from one computer to another..I can find everything except the song and files that I had in Reaper..!..Anyone...?
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sorry that you are in trouble, mate!

However, how could anybody else know what might have happened with so little information provided?

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Yea, based on that all anyone can really say is "sorry about your luck." Hopefully you didn't wipe the original drive before verifying that the contents have actually been copied...

I'd recommend TeraCopy for important operations, as it has a built in verifier and can replace the shitty windows default copier, which can easily stop in the middle of a big transfer with no option to resume.
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Just some ideas from me. So everything is intact except the Reaper related files. Is the directory(s?) in which they were saved visible?
Have you tried searching the drive "manually"as well as with search function?

One thing to try might be the Diskanalyser function in CCleaner. It will show you how much of the drive is taken up with sound files etc.

Could you retrace your steps and check you actually have copied all the drive?
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Go back to the first computer and find out exactly where the project file and the related audio files etc are on that disk.
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