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Default Scaleable envelopes

I'm not entirely sure how you would implement this... I have an embryo of an idea which I'll explain in a sec, but the essence of this request is for the ability to scale the viewable range of an envelope.
Imagine a situation where you are trying to automate a reverb send.
I find that quite often, I'm wanting to really nuance the send level in a range of say -40dB to -25dB. But trying to get THAT level of detail, even on a 1920x1080 display requires expanding the envelope lane to pretty much the full height of the display.
And here comes my embryonic idea...
What if you could somehow access a slider (or pair of sliders) which would allow you to view a minimum and maximum value for the envelope?
So that by setting values of -40 and -25, those values would represent the upper and lower extremes of the envelope within its lane.
The envelope would still be functional outside of those values, but within the lane, you would only see that range?
And once you had got the precision automation in place, you could go back to those slider controls, and set the viewable range back to -inf to 0dB.
I hope this makes sense.
Please sing out if I have not explained this properly. I reckon it would be a very handy feature to have.
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I had the same idea. +1
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