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Default Project opening error with new audio interface

I've recently changed my audio interface from Behringer UMC 404 to Clarett 2PreUSB.

Upon opening an older project, Reaper initialises window and keeps being stuck on "Load project" and then just stops responding.

I have tried to open the project with FX offline but now difference.

Any new projects made with the Clarett open without problem.
I also have the current reaper version 6.01 installed. My friend just made the same changes with the interface as I am, but has no issues.

Any suggestions?
Many thanks
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I can tell you that Reaper saves the last audio interface connection it had as a global preference. There's nothing saved in a .rpp project file about the last used interface. So it could be a red herring. I hear the part where you note old projects hanging and the line between is the new interface... So there must be some connection... Maybe something like using higher numbered channels on the old interface? And the new interface has fewer channels? And the old project tries to bring up those old connections to higher numbered channels, but they're out of range because the new interface has fewer channels?

I'll go with that for my guess.
Try plugging in the old interface, opening a project, and reassigning I/O (or just deleting). Save and try it again with the new interface.
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