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Default Binkbeats, Live Setup

In a different program, but ideas could be transformed to Reaper.

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Maybe some highlights can be pointed out and trigger a discussion on how to do a similar thing can be accomplished in Reaper...

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What I liked in his approach, he was the first person I saw using the available triggering options properly in Live. Most people just put a sample and trigger it, ignoring all the possibilities, he did not ignore, instead found a musical way, which is indeed complex to setup, as Ableton Live does not allow easy Excel like building of those scene data. There should be a .csv export/import of scene formula, so you could write in Excel or later quickly do modifications in any text editor. But Ableton Live is not Reaper. Ableton Live is a prison DAW.
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Hey TonE! A friend and I have been building live looping setups in Live, keeping contact via voice notes updating one another on things we've achieved or failed to achieve. When that video series on Binkbeats came out we pretty much doubled down. I'd be curious to know if you've tried anything with Reaper.

Things I've tried in REAPER:

- Success: Live audio looping using a free 32-bit plugin called Mobius.
This plugin is pretty amazing - you can send it multiple inputs, preferably dry, loop 8 stereo tracks, and send them back out individually. I didn't master it but I was able to trigger recording and overdubbing, as well as next/previous track control with my MIDI foot pedal (Line 6 FBV Express).

- Success: Creating an Ableton-style "chain selector" using a MIDI plugin that scrolls between MIDI channels so you can change instruments using a knob on your controller. Nice for choosing a sound on the fly while you play, or changing the timbre of an existing MIDI sequence.

- Failure: any kind of MIDI looping in Reaper. If you play a sustained note at the end of a MIDI item, it gets cut off at the edge. This is the main reason I've been using Ableton. I made a video on this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtKJ4NM4A40

- Failure: syncing Reaper to other apps via MIDI Clock or Ableton Link. Justin explains the reason for this here. https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=193589

At the moment I have Traktor synced to Live via Ableton Link, so I can DJ my tracks, with the option of looping a section on the fly without pre-planning it as you'd have to do in Live, and I can loop audio and MIDI in time with my tracks using Live.
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Hi Django, I hope you are fine, did you try Super8 jsfx inside Reaper for 8 mono track audio looping? I made suggestions for an 8 track stereo version, Super8s, but no reaction so far. I hope we get some day Super8s and Super16s.

For midi looping outside of Reaper there is a fantastic tool.
- Sequetron by Phil Tipping

How to do this in Reaper, I guess with action markers a similar workflow should be possible, together with ghost copied items. It would need only track selection with automatic solo recording setup for all tracks, then the action markers would tell, start recording here, stop recording here, and you would have your ghost copies already setup, I think it should be exactly same then. Required concepts are:
- programmed empty items with ghost copies
- programmed track selection, where recording will happen
- programmed record start
- programmed record stop


For syncing I would use always Reaper as midi clock master, then use the free midi clock vst plugin by Anton Savov. Actually I am doing exactly this, Reaper is master, sending midi clock to Sequetron, which is slave, following nicely Reapers tempo. I can switch program change commands to Reaper for chaning tempo logarithmically, and Sequetron will follow and in Sequetron I can do creative free flow midi looping with millions of features, nowhere else available, I can guarantee this, hints for looking in the Sequetron manual: ftn (force to note), fts (force to scale), but in a free form, any key or pad can be any note, it is like the chords can slide under your keys, you playing still the same keys, but always sounding correctly harmonically, when used together with chord tables. In short if I want fun with midi looping, there is nothing better than Sequetron. In runs via wine also in linux of course, similarly on mac.

The dream fun combination is something like:

looper in (Sequetron, midi) >> Reaper >> looper out (Super8, audio)

On all levels you can have fun. Midi looper input, in my case Sequetron, loop around, record, stop, rerecord, until you find something inspiring, then do some live manipulations via your midi mappings inside Reaper, from your hardware controllers, all these you can record out again as audio, live into Super8, building different parts, using those basic concepts, you could design any kind of more complex setup I guess. The fact that looper in, Sequetron, is external to Reaper is a big advantage in my opinion, Reaper will anyway never have Sequetron's complex and powerful midi features, thanks to its genius developer Phil Tipping, he added hundreds of requests, it has even macro commands, meaning with a cc control you can trigger a sequence of up to 12 commands, you can have up to maximum of 64 macros, should be enough for any use case. All your most important command sequences you can define then as macros, something like custom actions in Reaper.

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