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Default GDK Warning: gdk_window_set_user_time called on non-toplevel [solved]

Just for information, in case someone notice the same.

That warning was bugging me for a while, in attempt to build Linux iPlug2. After digging deeper, it happens that is a bug in (probably older) Gdk. And it appears every time REAPER FX window with foreign plug-ins is closed.

SWELL can create "foreign" GDK X11 window, and since I get exactly the same warning without REAPER, I guess FX window is using that feature.

The problem is that "foreign" window is not top, but for some reason WM_DELETE_WINDOW is delivered for it. I guess Gdk just set the same properties as for top windows (I have not checked that yet, but event is not delivered to self created X window), so WM delivers that event. Gdk is confused receiving it and print the warning.

In newer GDK that section is rewritten.

Edit: Gdk does that on purpose... in gdk_x11_window_destroy_foreign it sends WM_DELETE_WINDOW explicitly, after reparent to root window. I guess they reparent incorrectly, so it is still not "top window" from Gdk perspective.

Edit: it seems like SWELL way for foreign windows has some logical problems (I have found only very old conversation about this topic, but it seems like Gdk code is still the same). I am going to dig deeper.

Edit: no, SWELL problem... Will describe in the Bug Reports

Edit: fixed in SWELL and so in the next REAPER release.

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Default I get the same error


I'm running Reaper 5.984 & SWS 2.10.0 on 64bit Ubuntu 18.04 on a quad core i7. I get the same error. Very repeatable. I start Reaper from the command line so runtime errors get displayed. When I load the great sounding synth Helm (VST) that error shows up in the command line. When I load the LV2 via Carla, that error shows up in the command line *after* Reaper crashes. There are several synths that will not load with Helm. Discovery Pro, Bliss Sampler, Tunefish3, and OB-Xd will not run when the Helm plugin is running. It doesn't matter which plugin gets loaded first, Reaper crashes right away. Nothing else takes em out but Helm.

It's a great sounding synth, but I can't use it.

Also, sometimes Helm will take Reaper down when the GUI is clicked. I'm not sure what plugins cause that... I tested it on a project with several plugins (none of the ones listed above) loaded. The problem occured when clicking in Helm’s native VST GUI. I could click the Reaper “UI” button to close Helm’s native GUI and use Reaper’s generic UI, and edit the Helm patch parameters, change patches, etc. with no issue. But as soon as I clicked on Helm’s native GUI, Reaper crashed.

Anyway, for me the error message/crash is easily repeatable.

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In cases like this I will run it as a standalone - and take what I want... if something is bugged or not too stable I try to keep it at arms length. I will take a look at it.
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That is fixed in future REAPER versions.

@PMan: that is different, try run bad plug-ins in separate processes. That way REAPER will not crash, just the plug-in. Can help make other plug-ins successfully running in parallel.
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