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Originally Posted by EpicSounds View Post
armed action
ah thanks, tl;dr…
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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
Reaper does parent tracks on the left of child tracks; see the mixer, but also routing and grouping that are alternates of this very window. If it is only going to go one way, which seems fair at this stage of development, to be consistent is seems logical go right>left as sequential track flow. Vsigfile or Reaktor go left>right, Max goes top>bottom, and they don't use sequential track numbers as a core ordering strategy. I did once use a mixing console where it went right>left on the left of the master, groups left>right on the right. World's a weird place.
In terms of 'real world' mixers, this makes perfect sense, because the channels sit on a virtual earth bus, which gets noisier, the further the input channels are from the output channels. It's a way to encourage best use of the technology as it was. One might say that echoing the flow of other windows does a similar thing
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I`m a leftie & even I prefer to see things go left to right.
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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Yeah but in MCP we have an option to show Master on the right, so... it'd make sense to have the same option in track wiring.

Nobody is going to use this if it stays like this, I'm pretty sure.
It's useful for some trouble shooting.

Scrolling without the scroll bars would be nice. Maybe mirror the arrangement default, just just have a right-drag or mid-drag scroll. Scrollbars-only were oldschool twenty years ago.

No highlights when you move the mouse cursor over stuff you can click on and change... well it's a first version. Plenty of utility left to develop from this idea . A simple 1.0 today.
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Default Devs ?

Regarding this:
# Docker tabs/project tabs obey UI scaling

Can it please be made optional? I have my scaling set to 160% which I like for the transport, and prefered the smaller tabs prior to this release.

I'm using a non-standard theme and this change is also causing a display issue with the tabs.., there is now this somewhat transparent black bar covering the bottom half of the tab which is making it hard to read the text.

Thank you
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