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Default Custom reascript request: Replace item source

I am looking for someone to code a reascript for me.
What I need is basically a variation of the action:
Xenakios/SWS: Switch item source file to random in folder
(FYI: this action replaces the currently selected items source file to a random one from the current source files folder)

I asked Xenakios directly and he suggested looking into reascript here.

I be interested in either one or both of the below variations of the above action:

1: Switch item source file to random in specified folder and its subfolders
The title says it all, the script should not only pick from the source
files folder, but also all of the subfolders of the folder the current sample
is in.

2: Switch item source file to random in specified folder: X
Basically this would be a version of the action that could have
multiple version each linked to a specific folder/path. Let's say I
have a sample drive with "snares". I'd define those folders locations
somewhere in the action and name the action "random snares"
Then I'd do the same for Cymbals, Footsteps and whatever else I want
to use.

ideally it would just be a textfile with paths (one or multiple) that will be used for the file selection.

Anybody interested in helping out? If yes feel free to DM with an suggested fee for this.


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