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Default So does ninjam have API?

So I am currently growing my own community, and since it's getting bigger, I also want to know if there are any API's involve?

For example, I can grab the BPM / BPI from my ninjam server to the website portal using API's.

I also want to know how does Ninbot record jams and how does it get played in the main website of NinBot, since I want to do a similar concept, but with my server?
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You best bet on figuring out how to talk to the server is to look at one of the open source clients, e.g. Jamtaba.

"ninbot" is a bot written by the owner of "" - nothing to do with Cockos. It's exactly what it says it is, really - a bot running a NINJAM client - so it records what it hears, just like other clients can.
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New ninjam dev. trying to find out how it actually works. lol.

But yeah. I've seen "ninbot" roaming in the ninbot servers, Not sure if the bot source is open source, but if I have to develop one for my server, just tell me now. Would really like my server to be linked to my main site to monitor jams

edit: I've overlooked that ninbot was created by the dev itself (oops)
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You can connect to the server to query information. There's no API defined exactly, but there is a protocol which is defined and documented in the code, you could use it as-is and have a C++ program that queries, or implement that protocol in PHP or whatever (which is what we do for the server stats).
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