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Default IPlug VST3 3.6.13 Stereo Problems


first of all thanks to all contributors for providing the awesome IPlug framework! I know IPlug is obsolete, but since IPlug2 doesn't seem to be ready, I tried to make IPlug work with the latest VST3 SDK 3.6.13.

Using the IPlugEffect example I did the following changes:
  • replace pluginfactoryvst3.h/.cpp with pluginfactory.h/.cpp source
  • added commoniids.cpp to the project
Now the plugin compiles, but when I test it in the VST3PluginTestHost I don't get output on the right stereo output channel because the right input channel doesn't seem to get an input signal.
However when I test the same plugin in my old Cubase 8 version, the stereo output works on both channels.

So my questions are:
  • Could this problem origin from using the lastest VST3 SDK? Have there been changes in the SDK and I have to do more changes in IPlugs IPlugVST3.h/.cpp to make it work?
  • Or is this a known bug of the VST3PluginTestHost that already has been present when using IPlug with the older VST3 SDKs?

I would appreciate if somebody has a hint for me where to start debugging.

Thanks and regards,
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