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Default Corrupted RPP file -- HELP!


So I had a hard drive die and I was able to rebuild most of it and had backed up a lot of it -- BUT -- of course this file had a lot of work done to it between backups.

Since the software I used to rebuild the files doesn't know RPP files I'm having errors with all of them... but this one is being a real nightmare.

I copied it and took out what looked like absolute random ASCII nonsense -- but it just crashes... so perhaps somebody who knows RPP files better could take a look and advise?

If I lost some plug-ins/etc that would be fine... the timeline/tracks is what I really am trying to get back.

I have three files I'm trying to rebuild... but this one is the most problematic.
It's also coming it at 1MB so I have to link you to it:


I've learned to back up more than once a week I suppose.

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I used a different program to rebuild the files and have this version that doesn't load at all -- BUT -- LOOKS like a proper RPP file that it might be easier to work from?

I'm assuming this is the RPP and backup.

My assumption is based on:
RENDER_FILE "/Users/dustinwhite/Desktop/hr park -sep13th.mp3"

Being the same (and most recent render) in all 3 files.

I've attached those two files to this.

Also -- if anybody can give me an advice on rebuilding these myself I would love to hear it... so I don't have to ask for help.

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File Type: rpp file000044.rpp (128.0 KB, 11 views)
File Type: rpp file000035.rpp (128.0 KB, 8 views)
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There's definately stuff lost, especially notes in the lower tracks and probably some FX-settings in one of the tracks(I guess the drum track).

I tried a reconstruction, and it contains stuff, but probably not all.
I hope at least most of it, though.


This is the first one.
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