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Default req: Group/Tie Adjacent Tracks For TCP and MCP reordering

I'd like to set some adjacent tracks to behave in a way that when reordering one of them that all the tied tracks to go with it and maintain their relation in TCP (and MCP?) order.

If reordering between tied tracks , .. allow independent reordering between them.

Use case:
In 100 tracks project i have 1 bass track, ..
i create 3 parallel tracks next to this track, .. Parallel Compression , Parallel delay, Parallel reverb , .. and then i "tie/group" this tracks.

Then If i move Parallel compression to first track position in TCP results in:
Track 1: Bass
Track 2: Parallel Compression
Track 3: Parallel delay
Track 4: Parallel reverb

If i move Parallel compression after Parallel Delay the order is changed without the tie rule becoming:
Track (n): Bass
Track (n+1): Parallel delay
Track (n+2): Parallel Compression
Track (n+3): Parallel reverb

What do you think? Hope i am wrong that this is not possible
Also Anything that might makes this not possible or viable?
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