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Default How to setup multiple inputs on Reastream?

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to setup multiple inputs to Reastream. I want to use Voxengo SPAN Plus to monitor audio on a separate computer. I can get audio to the 2nd pc using Reastream. That's not the problem.
The problem is getting 8 separate channels of audio. Span can accept 8 different inputs and show them on the meter as different colors. But I can't get it setup.
So, say I have 8 separate tracks on 1st PC. I load Reastream on each of the tracks. How do I tell track 1 to send audio on channel 1? How to I tell track 2 to send audio on channel 2? etc.
I see that Reastream has a box to change audio channel? It says Audio Channels 1-8. Is that which channel it will be sending audio on? Or the total number of channels sent?
Whats the deal with the plugin pin connector on Reastream? Do I have to change pin connections on Reastream to change which channel it is sending? Then on the 2nd pc change the plugin pin connector of Span to match?

I just want to be able to send 8 different instances of Reastream to one instance of Span on the 2nd pc. And be able to distinguish the inputs and have Span show them all as a different color.

I've tried lots of things and I'm lost.
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Was just looking at it, you should be able to
Identifier > Track 1
Audio channels (0-8) 1

Identifier > Track 2
Audio channels (0-8) 2

SPAN has 4 stereo inputs

Someone more up on it might tune in.

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i would say the easiest thing to do would be to set up a multi-channel bus track with one instance of Reastream set to send.
This bus would be fed by your eight tracks, each going to a separate channel.
You will need to open the plug-in pin connector of Reastream and press the + button 3 times so that it is set up to get these 8 separate tracks.
On the receiving computer, set up Reastream in a similar way, but set to receive.
Put Span after it and it should now be seeing all 8 channels.

edit - forgot to mention the (obvious?) crucial detail of setting the audio channels box to 8 in both instances.

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