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Default VSTi size

I can't adjust my VSTi ezdrummer2 size with the new 6.0. The host window size can adjust but the ezdrummer won't adjust with it. The size is fixed and is way too small.... How do I fix this?
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I am having the same issue with my VSTi's and VST3i's as well. I work on a small laptop and the v6 resizing makes plugins hard to use
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I'm seeing this problem too. I believe this is a bug. I have rolled back to 5.99 until this issue is fixed. My eyes are bad and I can't read the settings in the FX window display on a 4k display.

The problem is that the plug-in window rendering no longer observes the the Windows 10 "Scale and layout" Display setting, as it did in version 5. Is there a workaround for this related to the new HiDPI settings? If so, I wasn't able to find it in the options.
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preferences/advanced UI/system tweaks/HiDPI mode
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Thanks - this worked for me.
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Default Also try using VST bridging/firewalling

I've found that enabling VST bridging/firewalling allows plugins to display at the proper size. That's because the VSTs are loaded in a different process, which has different HiDPI settings than the parent Reaper process.

If you go to Plugins/Compatibility and set "VST bridging/firewalling" to "In a separate plug-in process" or "In a dedicated process per plug-in", you'll see your plugins showing up at normal size instead of super-tiny.

Unfortunately, this also means that plugins appear in their own floating windows, which might mess with your workflow.

Also (and probably worse), this setting does NOT apply to VST3 plugins. This causes two problems for me:
1) VST3 plugins that don't understand HiDPI (which is a lot of them) still show up really tiny.
2) While all of my VST2 plugins are forced into floating windows, my VST3 plugins are NOT floating, which makes the workflow inconsistent based on the technology of the plugin. This is super annoying. BTW, this is NOT the same as a floating FX windows. In this case, only the bridged plugin is floating, not the FX window. The FX window might be docked or floating... it is a separate window from the plugin window.

So, this solution is not complete and not perfect, but it does allow you to use the new HiDPI support under some circumstances.
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Default Please fix this bug

I've encountered this same problem. Tried everything listed here and then some. Nothing helps!

Reaper 6x makes working on certain plugins impossible--the ones I use the most. I've attached a screenshot. The font in the track title font is Roboto Condensed 8 pt. I run Windows 10 and increased the scale and layout from the recommended 150% to 175%.

Oddly, that did help for a short while, until I was frustrated with the extra window that warned me that "the bridged plugin might be opening in top level." There is no need for bridging (didn't happen in 9.x) for many/all of my plugins. When I reset one vsti to run as "embed bridged UI" all the windows shrunk to their tiny version again. (I played with resetting the scale and layout, restarting the computer, etc. still tiny).

I have some other non-reaper projects I can work on for a short while, but this is really messing me up. I'll need to go back to 5.9999 if this isn't fixed soon. Up until now, I LOVED Reaper. Thanks for a mostly great product!

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