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Default Spotify Association

Related to music production and the biz - I have a guy who has recorded 2 full-length albums with me, and as I've been doing more and more over the past 10 years, I AM the band. Work-for-hire - in my studio.

He comes in, plays a scratch track with his (unusable) acoustic and vocal. We discuss treatment and style, then he leaves and I get to work. No worries, as I've done it a lot, and it IS a lot of fun.

The problem is that he's so happy with the work that he's got me credited as co-artist on his Spotify listing - and I don't want that. He even had the cover artist put my name on the cover of the latest one (not yet manufactured) and in font as big as his own!

I've politely asked him to remove it, but he's as busy as heck. Is there any way I can remove the association myself? I've typed in a number of thread queries, but all I can find so far is how to get rid of an account. Any advice appreciated-

Thnx in advance.
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