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Default win10 and win7 dual boot for REAPER

So with REAPER 6 out I'm taking the time to finally upgrade to win10 and clean install everything etc (ughh).

Can someone till me: if I can do this --- please only respond if you KNOW this, I've looked and cannot find a straight answer.

I have win7 on one SSD.
I have win10 installed on another different SSD - not yet activated.
All totally independent boots -separate hds etc

***I'm not ready to switch all-in to WIN10 so I want to keep both installs active etc.***

I want to use my win7 (legit) key to active win10 (as allowed). I have not done that yet. because my question is....

QUESTION: will that (activating win10) DEACTIVATE or not allow me to use my WIN7 install (on same computer etc). Or will they both be usable (same computer etc just dual boot)


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Interesting question. My guess but I'm not sure is that Windows will try to make you update to windows 10 and never go back to windows 7 again so I wouldn't count on windows 7 still working after updating to windows 10 with the same key.

Obviously nobody has replied to you because everybody is using Linux
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well I went ahead and authorized on Win10 and so far my Win7 is still valid.

Win10 seems to work pretty well, aside from a few issues with the stupid install wanting an account at MS (hint: pull the ethernet cable), and for some reason win10 has to diddle all the harddrives so checkdisk runs every time I dual boot win7 (know issue: turn off fast boot)

But still - no major issues.....yet....

now for all the VST installs..... I'm gonna take the time to weed out a bunch
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