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Default gfx.getchar() - Bugs (FIXED)

I've found some issues with gfx.getchar.

When hitting F10, it will return the code twice, unlike all other keys, where it returns the code once, waits a moment before returning the second keystroke.
The following code reproduces it on Reaper 5.941 and Reaper 5.96 sucessfully.

I'm using Windows 7Pro, with a naked Reaper 5.96 and SWS installed.

function main()
  if A>=1 then reaper.ShowConsoleMsg(A.."\n") end
  if A~=-1 then reaper.defer(main) end


There's also an issue with the Euro-currency symbol €
This returns two codes, 261 and 128. Is this intentional? Are there other characters that can be returned that way?
Reaper Internals - Developerdocs for Reaper:
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