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Default Tiny fade in on playback start disabled, but still fades in, missing attack

Hi, I've found some other posts about this issue from over the years, but no satisfactory answer.

Whenever I start playback right on the beat, I miss the attack from my drums (and everything else) on the downbeat – there is a fade in of around 70ms (estimating with my ears).

I have "Tiny fade in on playback start" disabled in the Prefs.

If I go back a beat and play from there, the downbeat plays perfectly, so that means it's not caused by item fades, as far as I understand.

In addition, if I have a loop that starts at this play position, the downbeat attacks correctly when the loop repeats to it.

What could be causing this unwanted fadein? It's driving me crazy not to hear the downbeat attack every time I press start.
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